PPM SOFTWARE – private practice software

In private practice, sometimes you can find yourself wondering whether you’re a medical practitioner or an office manager… But with PPM practice management software handling all your admin and more, you’re free to focus your effort where it matters – with your patients.

PPM software takes care of it all. Administration, financial systems and reporting, billing, credit control, patient records, diary scheduling, analysis of diagnoses and procedures, medico-legal reports, patient communications – this solution is truly comprehensive. For over 20 years, our software has been delivering streamlined control and admin efficiency for individuals and groups in private practice. Today PPM is tried and trusted to perform many different functions by more than 2,000 users.

So what of the cost? Practices find that PPM software pays for itself in 6-24 months, depending on their existing system computerisation at implementation. And if your practice doesn’t have a great deal of IT expertise, that’s also no problem with PPM. Typically, around 3 hours of training will put you in complete control, and we offer as much support as you need moving forward. Our systems are proven to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Office tools, and you can access your system remotely via our hosted ‘cloud’ solution for PC and Mac. You can also be assured that all-important data security and patient confidentiality are thoroughly covered by PPM software. The fact is, excellence of care is supported by efficient practice management… with PPM you will maximise both these factors

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OutSec – transcription services

OutSec Services Ltd are a professional outsourcing solution, and could gain your practice a 30% saving on your administration budget.

Working together with clinicians worldwide, OutSec Services Ltd, founded in 2002, combines technology and a global reach of speciality-specific experienced typists to provide clients with an online web-based transcription facility of the highest calibre.

Award-winning technology provides clients with confidential and secure access to upload dictation from any iPhone or Android via OutSec’s own App, which is free to all clients.

t: 01366 348 088
e: sales@outsec.co.uk
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DOCTIFY – healthcare booking and review platform

Join the UK’s leading healthcare booking and review platform. We help patients find doctors, read reviews and book online. We can help you increase patient conversion through:

  • Capturing feedback: We make it easier than ever for you to capture patient feedback for your entire practice through our Verified feedback system.
  • Creating a complete profile: With your Doctify profile, patients will be able to find you online. Showcase your practice with a verified, trusted profile with all your information in one place.
  • Google impact: Have a 1st-page organic star listing on Google
  • Increasing patient trust and engagement on your personal website: Use our review box which pulls through real-time ratings and reviews

Contact us at hello@doctify.co.uk and we can help you take control of how you look online. Quote ‘Trusthealth client’ for a special offer.


BLUESPIER – theatre management system

Bluespier is the leading independent supplier of Theatre Management Systems and clinical software solutions in the UK, with customers across the NHS and private healthcare sector.

We support clinical workflows with simple and powerful technology, helping hospitals, private practices and healthcare professionals to reduce the administrative and financial constraints they are placed under.

Our unique and clinically driven software suite is currently used in over 50 NHS and private hospitals in the UK and Ireland and is designed to enable hospitals to manage theatre, trauma, anaesthetics, pre-theatre and stock activities more effectively to ensure the best possible patient care.

Our renowned Theatre Management System and associated modules support multiple valuable hospital functions including patient journey tracking in real time, theatre utilisation, trauma management, department management, electronic operation notes, accurate coding and appropriate stock management, all of which help reduce administrative tasks and increase efficiency.

With over 15 years’ experience, we understand the pressures that hospitals are under to deliver within highly pressurised environments. The Bluespier modules contain over 30,000,000 patient records and are used to manage over 50,000 operations a month, so you can be assured you are working with experienced experts.

If you are looking for a new theatre management system, want to improve stock management, need better and more accurate coding or are keen to explore other options to improve financial and operational efficiency in your hospital or private practice, speak to a product expert.

t: 0333 014 6262
e: sales@bluespier.com
w: www.bluespier.com

Bluespier International is part of the Clanwilliam Group.

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