We provide a flexible approach to our medical business service fees, depending upon the service requirements of each individual LLP and contract of work.

Private Practice Invoicing and Collections

We charge a percentage and the amount varies depending on the practice size and ways in which each practice works – unfortunately it is not possible for one fee to fit all as every practice varies considerably.

Medical Partnerships and business support services

Our set-up fee is a one-off payment payable by each consultant forming the LLP. The fee depends on the number of consultants in the group and the set-up services that are required. The fee includes incorporation of your LLP, legal documentation, marketing services and negotiating and commissioning services.

Once a contract has been agreed, our fees for ongoing medical business support services are usually charged as a percentage of the work you undertake, but we also work on a fixed retainer for an agreed schedule of services. Following your initial set-up, Trust Health does not charge any additional fees until you have commenced a contract of work. These fees vary depending upon the services required and on request we can provide you with indicative fees for a range of different contract specifications.