Hospitals and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) are under ever increasing pressures to treat more patients than ever, but with limited financial and staff resources.

Hospitals working with consultant partnerships (LLPs) benefit from a flexible, cost effective solution, enabling them to optimise theatre capacity. The LLP model is tried and tested and is successfully utilised in many hospitals across the UK.

LLPs managed by Trust Health are able to provide additional capacity to the hospital, enabling them to reach and sustain the 18 week delivery target. Our model is unique and empowers clinicians and their teams to deliver local, efficient and flexible services to best suit the needs of the patients. The model allows patients to be seen locally, by their chosen consultant, whilst reducing costs and improving efficiencies for the hospital.

In addition to contracting with hospitals, many LLPs are working directly with Clinical Commissioning Groups and GPs to help provide patient centric outpatient and minor surgery solutions – a model that is at the heart of the Department of Health’s drive for more community based services.

Trust Health enables your business to contract directly with Hospital Trusts and Clinical Commissioning Groups to provide NHS trained consultants and staff for areas that are struggling with limited capacity or facilities. Our LLP consultants can travel out of region and we have assisted a number of CCGs in delivering patient services.