How do I change my billing to Trust Health?

The process is very straight forward and quick and involves the completion of a couple of forms. Give us a call and we will talk you through what to do.

We are experienced at managing the changeover process for established consultants with insurance companies, and also the registration of new consultants with insurance companies.

How does the billing process work?

If you have existing patient and practice management software, we can access the financial aspects of your practice via the Cloud. This enables us to work with your Practice to easily raise, send, allocate and chase invoices within your current system.

If however you not have your own software and would like to benefit from our internal software, we can accept the billing information in a number of different ways including email, fax or post and we aim to raise your invoices on the same day as receipt of the information.

The patient information is entered on to our software system, which allocates pre-defined fees and generates an invoice which is either posted or sent electronically to expedite payment.

Our system enables you to charge the relevant fees for each insurance company and this information is pre-populated at the outset. Any shortfall invoices are sent as required.

How does the collection process work?

Our experienced team follows a recognised and successful process for collecting your fees. This process starts will timely and accurate billing, but for any monies not paid on time we implement our proven collection methods to ensure payment is received. It is our efficient processes that allows us to confidently say we will collect over 99.5% of your work.

Can you collect my old debt?

Yes. It is natural for medical professionals to have an amount of outstanding debt and we have processes in place to collect this debt for you.

We are experienced at working with patients, insurance companies, embassies and the government and our team will work on your behalf in a sensitive and professional manner.

What financial reports do I receive?

Our systems allow us to provide you with tailored or standard financial reports. Our standard monthly reports include details of invoices sent, monies collected, outstanding invoices, bank reconciliation. We are however able to provide additional reports upon request including referral details and fee analysis.

We also provide year end reports in an accountant ready format if required.

How do you transfer money to me?

Money collected on your behalf is transferred into your nominated bank account monthly together with your detailed financial reports.

What are your charges?

We charge a percentage and the amount varies depending on the practice size and ways in which each practice works.

We charge an initial set-up fee of £250.

I don’t want to upset my secretary, what should I do?

On many occasions, we have found that secretaries are in fact pleased to have the invoicing and collection responsibility outsourced to a specialist company, leaving them free to focus on the clinical side of your practice.

As practices grow, secretaries have less time to spend on billing as, quite rightly, ensuring the patients are taken care of takes precedence.

We recommend having an open discussion with your secretary as it might surprise you how they feel. We have a good relationship with many secretaries, working in partnership with them to support medical professionals.

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