Irek Tomaszewski Trust Health

In our Staff Spotlight this week, we have 60 seconds with Irek Tomaszewski, Financial Controller …..

Irek Tomaszewski – Financial Controller

What do you love about your job?
The unexpected tasks, whether problems, projects or random requests, that provide a challenge

Which three phrases best describe you?
I would describe myself as practical, energetic and fair

What is your greatest accomplishment?
If I have to choose one then gaining my accountancy qualification, as it has enabled me to do all the other things I have achieved and enjoyed in life

In a second life, what would you like to be?
A musician

At the weekend, you’ll find me…
Outside of work, I love family time, the outdoors (we have a dog), The Almost Elvis Band (in which I am the keys player), and then there is my motorbike, the MG midget restoration project and the never ending tasks around the house and garden

Want to buy me lunch?
If one was to offer me lunch, then pie, mash and real ale, (unless it’s and Saturday, then a proper French baguette with strong cheeses accompanied by a red wine)

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