If you are reading this it is likely you are concerned about your invoicing. Maybe you or your secretary are struggling to keep up with your invoicing, or you are worried about the number of invoices that are unpaid. Or may be the stress of invoicing yourself, in addition to providing clinical services, is taking its toll. Or simply that you are reviewing your practice and looking into different options.

Here at Trust Health we can help you whatever your situation.

If you already own patient and practice management software, we offer the benefits of an outsourced medical billing company, but can work within your existing software system. Our model works within your software (DGL, PPM, Bluespier etc) accessing it through the Cloud, to look after the financial aspects only of your practice.

The benefits include you retaining control of all patient data within your own software, whilst being able to track the financial situation at any time.

Alternatively if you do not have your own software, consultants can benefit from our own internal systems for their invoicing services.

Why work with Trust Health?

There are many reasons where we stand out from the crowd and are different, including:

  • Your own dedicated Private Practice Administrator
  • Personal and individual service
  • Easy to read monthly reports showing invoices sent, payments received and outstanding invoices
  • Outstanding levels of fee collection
  • All payments received are reconciled to the penny within your software as unlikely to be the case at present
  • Our services allow you and your secretary time to focus on the clinical side of your practice
  • Removes the sometimes awkward obstacle of chasing unpaid invoices from patients
  • We are experts in what we do ensuring you receive payment for all the work you do
  • All your patient data remains in one place, under your control
  • Allows your practice more time to grow as it frees up you and/or your secretaries time
  • Utilises our expertise to collect your fees – this is more cost effective than you doing it!

Who will benefit from our services?

  • Consultants who have annual debts of more than a few percent of turnover
  • Practices that are struggling to invoice on time (delayed invoice raising often equals delays or absence of payment)
  • Practices that are too busy to chase payments or feel awkward chasing individual patients
  • Consultants who are overwhelmed by the never ending monitoring of who has and hasn’t paid

What are the advantages of working with Trust Health?

There are so many it is difficult for us to list them all, but they include:

  • Dedicated team of experts who are focused entirely on insuring your invoices are paid
  • Reduced workload for you and/or your secretary as we take over at the point of invoicing
  • Cost-effective model, with our fees being tax-deductible
  • Age debt reduced to less than 0.5% against the national average of 15 to 25%
  • More time for you and your secretary to focus on the clinical aspects of your business
  • Provision of monthly reports generated by our in-house financial accounting team
  • Monthly reports in an accountant ready format potentially reducing your annual accountancy costs
  • Personal service and we are always contactable
  • Online payment facility for patients in addition to telephone credit card payment facility
  • Liaison with your accountant at year end or ongoing through the year as required

What are the disadvantages?

We can’t think of any!

Our raison d’etre is to exceed our customers’ expectations and we are confident you will be delighted with our services.

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